Abbotsford sees a drop in overall crime but an increase in certain areas

Crime has dropped in Abbotsford in most categories, but there are two areas that have seen an increase compared to the year before.

Constable Ian MacDonald with the Abbotsford Police Department says the mixture of hot weather and people’s inattention to their own property has contributed to the rising number of of thefts from vehicles.

“I would say all of the above, but I would add to that currently it would appear that we have some criminals that are rather adept at stealing things from people’s car.”

The other area that’s seen an increase is sexual assaults.

He says the rise in assault cases is always concerning, but it is good news to see crime dropping overall.

“The silver lining for us and the community is in every single (other) crime category we’re seeing up to double-digit decreases in those categories.”

But, McDonald says that doesn’t mean his department isn’t concerned about the thefts and assaults. He does add, however, that some of the tactics used in other areas are working.

“We’ve obviously started to step up general enforcement from the standpoint of patrol. We’ve got some plain clothes folks that are targeting our prolific’s, who are known for doing this kind of thing.”