Arvin Golic guilty of manslaughter in Whistler swarming death

Arvin Golic has been found guilty of manslaughter, not second degree murder, over the swarming death of 19-year-old Luka Gordic two years ago.

The judge said there was evidence the attack on Gordic at Whistler Village was being plotted earlier in the evening, but she was satisfied Golic was only guilty of manslaughter.

Family of Luka Gordic initially applauded, but became less happy as the minutes passed. Outside court, Gordic’s uncle, Gianni Buono, said he had wanted a second degree murder conviction for Golic. He said he’s not expecting an apology from Golic at sentencing.

Gordic was swarmed by up to 15 people and stabbed on May 17th, 2015 after becoming separated from a group of friends. One of the people who surrounded him delivered a fatal stab to his heart.

Arvin Golic – who was 18-years-old at the time – was accused of planning the attack in Whistler Village and of being there when it happened. His ex-girlfriend and her friend had both said Golic threatened to kill Gordic.

The teens were in Whistler with groups of friends, and the tension is believed to have started with Gordic telling Golic to stop being abusive to his ex-girlfriend.

There are also three youths accused in Gordic’s killing, but they can’t be named due to their age. They’re currently awaiting a separate verdict in the case.

The next court date is set for June 21st to fix Golic’s sentencing date.