Judge approves $50M residential school settlement

Justice Robert Stack has approved the $50-million class-action settlement for survivors of residential schools.

The settlement, nine years in the making, was given the green light in Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court on Wednesday.

The settlement was reached in May, but required Stack's approval before any money can be paid to more than 800 survivors in the province.

With the approval, cheques are expected to start going out to the class-action's members this year.

Amounts will vary

Those who boarded at a residential school for less than five years will receive $15,000, while those who spent more than five years will get $20,000.

There is also a provision to apply for more for members who believe they suffered more abuse than others.

There's also the matter of compensation for the lawyers, who have asked for one-third of the settlement to cover their fees.