Woman shot to death in East Vancouver

A woman who was shot in East Vancouver has died of her injuries, and the city’s police department is now investigating their 8th homicide of 2017.

It happened near East 7th and St Catherines near China Creek North Park just after 5:00 p.m. yesterday.

33-year-old Janice Nicole Bryant, a Vancouver resident, was taken to hospital in serious condition. She died a short time later.

Police say the shooting appears to be targeted. No arrests have been announced

Man at the scene who heard multiple gunshots.

“We just scrambled behind here and went to call 911… and then we hear two more shots and a silver car comes down the street there heading towards Clark (Drive). So we ran out to look for the licence plate but… we couldn’t tell.”


After that happened, we just ran up there to see if we could help and there was a woman who’d been shot. By then they’d called 911, people were coming. I went and helped a little bit with the first aid. And then off she went in the ambulance.”

“Her husband was there too, he was spared. He was basically cuddling her at that point. He was covered in her blood,” said another woman at the scene.

“He was very hysterical at that point.”

Vancouver Police are expected to provide an update in their investigation later today