About us

We are the biggest 24x7 Indian Internet Radio station in Canada

We want our listeners to have a fascinating experience. We seek to inform, engage, enlighten and delight our listeners and also make a positive difference in the lives of the Indian community in Vancouver and World Wide.

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We do not believe in doing different things, rather in doing things differently. We achieve this by providing our listeners with a broad range of Indian Music, Entertainment, Wellness, Travel, Food, Fashion, Art, and Culture, Kid shows, Ideas and much more. We keep them connected to their roots, while seamlessly helping them blend into the Canadian way of living - in style. We just happen to play excellent music too.

Some of our shows are based on a wide array of Bollywood music, film reviews, biographies, latest news, women's hour, and informative talk shows unique to our culture like the one based on Astrology and Vastu.

Our channel is not all about Bollywood, rather it happens to be multilingual. We cater to the entertainment needs of our niche sub community languages too. Apart from Punjabi, Hindi and English, we host shows "in languages" like, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, Urdu and Bengali.

We cater to around 380,000 plus South Asians in Canada.

  • We are the leading 24x7 Indian Internet Radio Station - available in Vancouver and all over Lower Mainland, British Columbia
  • "Media Waves" has 40,000 unique listeners every week as recorded per our records.
  • We are World-wide on mwlive.ca. App on smartphone tunein.com. This provides our listeners with an opportunity to listen to us wherever they are and via whatever technology they use.
  • We are omnipresent on most social networking websites, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. This gives our listeners a chance to reach out to us and for us to interact with them.
  • Our shows are conducted by highly skilled Radio Announcers/ Disc Jockeys (RJs)
  • Apart from Punjabi, Hindi and English, we also cater to the niche clusters of sub community language programs in Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, and Tamil.
  • Our show is efficaciously run by the most successful professionals with unmatched experience of two decades in Indian Media and Entertainment business in North America.

We not only want to create and sustain affinity for your brand but also reach out well beyond the pure power of commercial advertising. We provide you with customized solutions to promote your brand with us.

We ensure that we will have a long-term strategic partnership with you.

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Our advertisement doesn't sell products – Trust, Familiarity and Brand Recall does. This is the Extra Value Proposition that your advertisement, through us, would provide to your brand. Actually, the advertisement would be targeting the subconscious level of your target market. People remember the advertisement as they hear a familiar voice, which makes listeners feel like they "know" us. This further ensures that they can trust us.

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Our success lies in yours. We zealously want you to succeed and achieve your goals.

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  2. Identify Your Target Market – What's their Age, Gender, Proximity to Business, Employment status etc.
  3. Align these findings with our current listenership, shows, time slot, and events.
  4. Ensure that your brand gets maximum visibility in the requisite shows and time.
  5. Frequency is the key – Hence we ensure that your advertisement hits the mark and will get the consumer's attention the first time, every time.
  6. If need be, we will go one step further and launch a new customized show based On your product / service to ensure captive listenership by your target audience.
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